Learning how to fly is one of the greatest experiences life has to offer. With Blue Chip Flight School in Pretoria you can complete your pilot training with an established team of aviation experts.
Doing your PPL in Pretoria with Blue Chip Flight School means you will be trained by Qualified and Experienced Flight Instructors in both the Theoretical and Practical Aspects of becoming a pilot.
Doing your CPL with Blue Chip Flight School offers you the opportunity to be trained by some industry leading Commercial Pilot Trainers. They will guide you to become a Commercial Pilot.
Feel free to contact Blue Chip with any queries regarding our Flight School. If you have any pilot course queries or want to enrol for a Private Pilots or Commercial Pilots Licenses, contact us today.

What will a PPL or private pilot licence enable you to do?

  • Fly for recreational or hobby purposes
  • Fly during the day time only
  • Train for your CPL or commercial pilots licence
  • Fly in good weather conditions
  • Fly aircrafts up to 5.7 tons

What will a CPL or commercial pilot licence enable you to do?

  • Carry paying passengers or cargo
  • Fly bigger aircrafts (above 5.7 tons)
  • Pursue flying as a career path
  • Travel

What does the PPL course cover?

  • 8 written theory exams
  • Practical training
  • In flight training
  • Learn safety procedures
See the full scope of Blue Chip’s private pilot training course.

What does the CPL course cover?

  • 8 written theory exams
  • Acquire an instrument rating
  • A minimum of 40 hours of in flight training
  • A minimum of 5 hours of flight simulator training
  • A practical flight test
See the full scope of Blue Chip’s commercial pilot training course.

Blue Chip Flight School

Based in Pretoria, Blue Chip Flight School is an accredited pilot testing centre and flight college where we have provided exceptional PPL and CPL training for aspiring pilots for more than 21 years. Our instructors’ qualifications are rated among the best in the aviation industry. We draw on our substantial network of accredited aviation specialists to offer detail orientated flight training packages.

Blue Chip: our Pilots become Captains.

We tailor our flight training packages to instil the Blue Chip ethos which is rooted excellence and safety awareness.

Blue Chip Ensures Quality Training

Blue Chip flying school in Pretoria abides by strict international training syllabus with the help of our dedicated full-time flight instructors and safety officers. Both the practical and flying theory aspects are taught and examined at our college in Pretoria. The in-flight training and the ground school sessions are designed to ensure individual attention is given to each student.
By means of personality profiles, we pair students and instructors in order to enhance their flight training and ensure a professional approach at all times. We base our training on extensive in-flight pilot training with a safety first approach. Additionally, our full time instructors boast over 8000 combined hours.

Enquire Today To Start Your Pilot Training

Blue Chip Flight School Pretoria is where aspiring pilots train and nurture their passion whilst gaining their private pilot licence and commercial pilot licence, ultimately becoming skilled and sought after pilots.

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Director quote

“You have taken the first step on the path to a new world where the sky is not the limit, a world which may change you in some rather profound and lasting way.”