Blue Chip Flight School is celebrating a track record of more than 21 years of existence. You can learn how to become a pilot from one of the best established pilot training schools in South Africa.

about blue chip flightschool

Blue Chip Flight School Operates out of Wonderboom (Pretoria, South Africa.) With a tremendously succesful track record in Pilot Training of both Private and Commercial Pilots, choose Blue Chip as your Pilot Training Partner.

See how to become a pilot in South Africa with Blue Chip, or check out our Pilot Training Courses for more detail.

Quality Pilot Training, no Compromise

Over the past years Blue Chip has adopted a policy of no compromise when it comes to quality of training and safety standards. We manage this by maintaining strict training discipline and an approved syllabus which is continually being upgraded and adapted to ensure the highest possible compliance standards with the ever changing demands of the international training standards.

Our experienced Chief Flying Instructor ensures top standards are maintained, whilst our external auditing instructors offer any remedial training to optimize learning benefit.

The Pilot Training Team

Our energetic, motivated and dedicated instructors and admin staff are hand-picked from the industry. We allow our instructors to fly ad hoc charters in order to increase and widen their knowledge on practical flying.

Their qualifications rate among the best, comparable with the top of the aviation profession.

Our Pilots are our People We never forget that we deal with people. Caring for the individual is paramount. Our students must feel that they ‘belong’. No individual is simply ‘processed’. We are one of the few schools that analyse student personality profiles before pairing them with most compatible instructors; to assist with this we are fortunate to have our own Clinical Psychologist who is a part time Instructor at Blue Chip Flight School.

Students are Individuals,  if you need to find out how you can get a pilots licence At Blue Chip Flight school we are dedicated to individual performance and the monitoring of each student in terms of their successes and struggles. If any intervention would be needed to assist the student in order to excel, we will use all resources available to support the student to be professional, proficient, and knowledgeable to succeed in our training program and pursue a successful flying career

The Enhanced Pilot Training Concept

Blue Chip Flight School in alliance with FlyJetstream introduced a flight training concept which provides the opportunity to accompany an experienced charter pilot on an actual charter flight.

There are several advantages to this, least of which is the experience gained from the cockpit environment on actual approaches, to flying into busy international airports like O.R Tambo.

The student observes the flight planning process, instrument approaches and border crossings into other countries.

In addition to the experience, students have the opportunity to network with other charter pilots and associated support personnel.

This exposure will ensure that the student is equipped with additional skills for a smoother entry to the commercial market upon the completion of the Commercial Pilot Licence training.

Flight Safety Savvy

The school holds regular safety evenings which are open to everyone, where topics of relevance are discussed in depth, making use of experts in the relevant topic being used as presenters.

Accredited Training and Examination Centre

Blue Chip has an accredited in-house Private Pilot Licence exam centre, which makes the writing of the theoretical examinations for the Private Pilot’s Licence more convenient.

When you join Blue Chip Flight School, you are joining a family, and not just another training institution. This becomes evident when you walk into the offices in the mornings and everyone greets you by name. We refuse to treat any individual as just a number. This is clearly stated in our motto,