Our entire staffiing body has been selected, skilled and hand-picked to make sure you get the best value on your journey to becoming a pilot. Blue Chip operates out of Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, and as one of the more established flight training schools in South Africa, your Pilot Training is gauranteed to a highly experienced team of dedicated and enthusiastic full time instructors.

The Instructional team has in excess of 8 000 hours of combined flight time. When linked with the pool of Part Time Instructors and Designated Examiners, this total jumps to a staggering 30 000 hours of flight experience that can be drawn upon almost all the time.

Your pilots license starts with these guys:

Brendon Lubbe, (Chief Flight Instructor)

Instructor Rating: ICAO ATPL with Grade II Flight Instructors Rating; Multi-Engine Endorsement
blue chip pilot

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • Day to Day running of the Flight School
  • Managing the Team of Flight Instructors
  • Flight Instruction

Brendon trains students on:

  • Full range of PPL to CPL Instruction
  • Instrument Rating
  • Instructors Rating
  • Multi-engine Instruction

Total Flight Hours:

  • 3 000 hours

Brendon, Professionally speaking

Brendon has been professionally flying since he obtained Commercial Pilots License in 2001. He has been enjoying in the Aviation Industry with positions that range from Aviation.

The Instructor

As Chief Flight Instructor, Brendon is best known for his motivational nature with his students and fellow flight instructors. Often the helping hand when it comes to solving problems, flight students can find solace in the fact that Brendon is there to help students like you past your pilot training struggles.

Low morale doesn’t last long when working with Brendon. Expect a trainer that is fresh at heart and enthusiastic about Pilot Training. Flight students can come to rely on both his Energetic and Enthusiastic Nature, whilst his incredible experience as a Flight Instructor will ensure that your Pilot Training Endeavors are a success.

Brendon is most passionate about Advanced Flight Instruction. Whilst he is a good a trainer as any other instructor across the board, Brendon is particularly enthusiastic about training around Instructors Ratings.

Brendon will always remember… “The Day I tested for my Commercial Pilots License, because without that day, I would not have been involved in Aviation”

Jaco Breedt, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: SACAA Commercial Pilots License, Grade III flight instructors rating
bluechip pilot

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • Jaco teaches both ground and flight instruction for the  Private Pilot Licence and Night Ratings.

Jaco trains students on:

  • Prescribed SACAA PPL and Night training syllabus.

Total Flight Hours:

  • 700 hours

Jaco, Professionally speaking

Flying is a passion desired by many but mastered by few…. I have always been dreaming of flying aircraft since I was little, I got the opportunity when I finished school.  Aviation like any industry has its positives and negatives but all come to the same conclusion.  Hard work pays off in the end.  I have been privileged to fly around the country and outside our country borders before commencing doing my instructor’s rating.  Being in aviation opened up a whole world of opportunities and experiences.  Flying is truly incredibly fulfilling and has new and exciting challenges every day. Giving instruction is the most challenging  and testing endeavour  of aviation, guiding a student through the training process takes a lot of attention and hard work from instructor and his student.  I am glad to be part of the aviation industry and of the lucky few to be blessed and privileged to be able to do what is my passion, I enjoy every second.  The most important is to take every day as it present itself, keep a good balance between your faith, home and work… and in that order as well.  Remember as you progress through you career, quoted by Albert Einstein:  “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough,”  strive to be the very best at whatever you undertake in life.  Be Blessed!

Jaco will always remember… “The day I obtained my PPL license was the greatest feeling I have ever experienced and I will remember that day as a highlight in my aviation career… it was the beginning and promising step towards the rest of my life!”

Francois Cillie, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: CPL Multi Rated Gr III Instructor
Blue Chip Pilot

Francois trains students on:

  • Ab initio

Total Flight Hours:

  • 450 hours

Francois, Professionally speaking

Francois always knew he wanted to work in the aviation industry, he set the wheels in motion as soon as he could  and in 2015 when he finished matric in Middelburg, Francois commenced his training.

In 2016 he reached his first goal to obtain his Commercial Pilot Licence.  His next goal is to become a Grade II Instructor and a successful Charter pilot.

The Instructor

To his students, Francois is a well presented and approachable Instructor who is always prepared to go the extra mile to help his students.

As an Instructor, he is most driven by the idea of taking a student under his wing.  The process of teaching someone who knows nothing about flying, to be the best they can be, brings him a great sense of achievement.

Francois will always remember… “The day I went solo, it was on Friday the 13th, to me a very lucky day, it was the start of my dream career!”

Cassandra Pringle, Flight instructor.

Instructor Rating: ICAO Commercial Pilot Licence, Grade III Instructor’s rating
blue chip pilot

Cassandra trains students on:

  • Prescribed SACAA PPL training syllabus

Total Flight Hours:

  • 600 hours

Cassandra, Professionally speaking

Cassandra knew from primary school years that she wanted to become a pilot, with her “Oupa” (from the airforce) being the biggest supporter of her dream.  She studied Meteorology first at Tukkies as a means to eventually work and fund her dream of flight, and started her training in 2012.  While flying, she worked for 2 years as a Meteorological Scientist at the SA Weather Service and following that had fortunate opportunities to persue her flying dream full time.  By 2015 she achieved her Commercial Licenses and following that, pursued instruction.  She has been working as an instructor for about a year and is busy completing her Grade II Instructor’s upgrade.

The Instructor

To her students, Cassandra is very friendly, enjoys teaching and loves seeing students excel at what they love doing.  As an instructor, Cassandra is most driven to see students push themselves to be the best they can be and especially have fun while doing it.  Flying is serious business, but people need to be able to enjoy it, for the love of flying requires passion and enjoyment.

Cassandra will always remember… “The first flight I ever had, I was excited and nervous all at the same time, but the moment we became airborne, I knew that all the years of waiting to fly were worth it.  That this is truly special, a wonderful and enjoyable privilege and a dream come true.”

Francois Breedt, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: ICAO CPL licence, grade II Instructors rating
blue chip pilot

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • Francois is a grade II flight Instructor, his duties consists of doing flight instruction towards an initial PPL license or revalidation of a PPL license, PPL and CPL ground school and advance training towards CPL.

Francois trains students on:

  • The prescribed SACAA PPL training syllabus

Total Flight Hours:

  • 1 300 hours

Francois, professionally speaking

From a young age Francois knew he wanted to become a pilot.  In 2009, while he was still in school, Francois commenced his training.

Previously Francois worked for another flight school on the weekends. He helped out in the office, refueled aircraft and managed hangar duties.

In 2013 Francois reached his goal to obtain his commercial pilots license, he is currently a Grade II Instructor and enjoys giving advanced training. His next goal is to become a successful charter pilot.

The Instructor

Francois is a professional, approachable Instructor who is always prepared to help his students, his motto “Once you fall in love with aviation it becomes impossible to fall out of it.”  His passion motivates his students to love the aviation industry as much as he does.

Francois will always remember… “The day when I went solo , that first time sitting in the aircraft alone and only realising it when I was lining up on the runway. Everything felt weird at first but eventually I settled in and you realised why I started flying in the first place.”

Gareth Niven, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: IICAO CPL licence, grade II Instructors rating
blue chip pilot

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • Gareth is employed at Blue Chip Flight School as a grade III flight instructor, my duties consist of flight instruction towards an initial PPL license or revalidation of.

Gareth trains students on:

  • The prescribed SACAA training syllabus.

Total Flight Hours:

  • 800 hours

Gareth, Professionally speaking

Growing up, Gareth always wanted to be a pilot. He has been flying since 2008. He is professional and his goal is to fly for a mainstream charter company and work towards his ATPL license.

Gareth also wants to one day fly the King Air B200.

The Instructor

Gareth is goal driven and the thought that his students will become pilots is what gets him out of bed in the morning… well, that and the fact that he gets to fly.

Gareth’s students benefit from his patience, professionalism and the good rapport they have with him.


Gareth will always remember… “The day I went solo. I was 17 years old and on 7hrs I was very nervous but it was such a great experience and feeling.”

Jana Louw, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: ICAO CPL Licence, IF rating, Night rating, Multi engine rating, GR II Instructor’s Rating.
Bluechip pilot

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • Jana is a GR III Flight Instructor and gives ab-initio training.

Jana trains students on:

  • The Blue Chip syllabus towards ab-initio training.

Total Flight Hours:

  • 800 hours

Jana, Professionally speaking

Since the age of 4 Jana was determined to become a pilot. She has since realised this dream and surpassed it to become a flight instructor.

Jana is not short of ambition. In the future, she sees herself becoming a grade II instructor with a lot more responsibilities. She plans to get her ATPL, be more involved with charters and have a lot more ratings on her license.

The Instructor

In 2013 Jana joined the Blue Chip team as a flight instructor. Jana’s approach to teaching is strict especially when it comes to aviation regulations. She has a knack for helping her students overcome their fears and become confident in their ability to fly.

Jana is passionate about navigation, she loves working with her students on this particular part of the syllabus because this is where most of their training combines. Her key skill is her unique ability to explain theoretical knowledge and convert it into practical knowledge.

Jana will always remember… “The late Hennie Coetzee requested a meeting with me while I was job hunting a couple of months after receiving my CPL. He asked me to do my instructors rating because he thought that Blue Chip could really benefit from having someone like me in the team. At that stage I thought that I wasn’t cut out for the position, but he had a long discussion, he convinced me otherwise. It was a big career defining moment, because if it wasn’t for that meeting, I wouldn’t have gone into instruction, which I later realized I absolutely have a passion for.”

Michael Janse van Rensburg, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: ICAO CPL Licence, grade III instructors rating
Bluechip pilot

Michael trains students on:

  • Michael trains students up to PPL.

Total Flight Hours:

  • 350 hours

Michael, Professionally speaking

Ever since I could remember, flying is all ever wanted to do.  I grew up in a family that lives and breathes aviation.  My father is an Airline Pilot and my mother trains cabin crew.  Naturally I was destined to follow in my father’s footsteps.  Fortunately I was able to obtained my Commercial Pilot Licence mid 2016 at the age of 19  and now at 20, I am a young passionate Instructor that lives to share my love of aviation with all my friends.The Instructor

As an instructor, my goal is to made my students the best possible pilot’s they can be, by taking what I was taught by my Instructor, combining it with the experience I have gained so far.  I see myself as an approachable person, who will always be willing to help where I can.  I am really grateful that I have been given the great responsibility  and gift when it comes to training our future fellow aviators.

Michael will always remember… “During the hour building phase of my CPL training, a friend and I organised to do a 20 hours combined navigation flight to Maun, Botswana.  To experience international over border crossings and all the planning that goes hand in hand with that and seeing one of the worlds most sought after tourist destinations from the air, the Okavango Delta, was truly amazing!”

Jean-Pierre de Villiers, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: ICAO Multi Engine CPL, with ATPL Subjects, grade II instructors rating.
bluechip pilot

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • JP is a grade II flight instructor.

JP trains students on:

  • JP’s is a Grade III flight instructor, his duties consist of flight instruction towards initial PPL licenses, Night ratings, advance training towards CPL and also giving various PPL and CPL ground school classes

Total Flight Hours:

  • 947

JP, Professionally speaking

JP never wanted to be anything other than a pilot. After school he dedicated all of his time to realising this dream. He received his ME CPL just after a year and three months. After his commercial license he qualified for his turbine rating, and received his grade III instructors rating.

Since the beginning of 2014 JP has been living the Blue Chip dream. Initially the team player received a job offer from a different flight school closer to home. JP was so impressed by the friendly atmosphere of Blue Chip Flight School; he decided to rather drive a little further to work each day, just so that he could become part of the Blue Chip family.

JP dreams of one day getting his PPL to fly helicopters, flying a Boeing 777, Airbus A380 and Lockheed C-130.

The Instructor

As a perfectionist with a very competitive nature, his aim is to be the best in everything he does. With this same ethos he trains his students; his aim is for them to be better than he is after completing their training, and he does this by figuring out exactly what makes his students tick.

JP also really has a knack for circuit training and teaching his students how to land.

Jean-Pierre will always remember… “I will never forget one of my first navigation flights. I flew to East London, and the tower told me I need to fly as fast as possible to come and land, because there was a Boeing 737 on long final. As I vacated the runway with my small piston engine aircraft, this big SAA 737 came passing by. It was amazing!”

Werner Schulz, Flight Instructor

Instructor Rating: ICAO CPL License, grade III Instructors rating.

Responsibilities at Blue Chip:

  • Werner is a grade III instructor for initial training towards a PPL, as well as weekend instructor.

Werner trains students on:

  • The standard PPL course as given by the SACAA.

Total Flight Hours:

  • 1 200 hours

Werner, Professionally speaking

Werner started flying in 2009. He obtained his CPL in 2011 and completed his instructors rating in 2014.

Before Werner became an instructor he used to conduct low level surveys for a farming company. He was lucky enough to travel across the whole of South Africa. After starting at Blue Chip he had the privilege to fly to Botswana and OR Tambo International Airport on a regular basis.

In the future Werner sees himself moving up to become the first officer in an airline or up in Africa as a bush or charter pilot. His dream is to one day fly a vintage warbird aircraft and hopefully own a Boeing Stearman.

The Instructor

Werner has great people and client service skills which enable him to provide his students with an enjoyable experience while they are learning to fly. His own flying experience and his ability to keep students motivated are just the cherry on top for those who come into contact with him, be they students or colleagues.

Werner will always remember… “I experienced two engine failures at a previous job. It made me look more seriously at flight safety. But also, being my first proper job in aviation, it also taught me how to handle situations which cannot be simulated in a training environment.”