Thinking of becoming a pilot in South Africa? Or are you looking for something fun to do for a birthday or with your son? Look no further than Blue Chip Flight School’s plane simulator. If you love playing simulator games, this flight simulator experience will blow you away.

With actual simulated emergencies, from engine fire & failures to system failures to weather. No joystick required, this is your sit in flight simulator experience for pilots. Blue Chip Flight School provides industry-leading pilot training and they have 21 years of experience.

They are based at Wonderboom Airport near Pretoria and have now installed a state-of-the-art FSTD–A FNPT II Simulator. The plane simulator does not only cover local conditions and airfields but also covers most of the world and offers pilots the opportunity to fly in any country in real time.

The plane simulator was moulded from an original Piper Seneca aircraft and is type specific to the Piper Seneca III, Piper Warrior, and Piper Arrow aircraft.

The FNPT II Simulator has two additional type-specific flight models and has been designed so that there is no need for the student or instructor to physically reconfigure the cockpit to switch between flight models. All that is required is the touch of a button and the flight model is changed, complete with reconfigured type specific instruments on the instrument panel.

The plane simulator also has the following features:

  • Autopilot with electric pitch trim
  • Illuminated System Switches
  • 3-way Aviation Intercom
  • 2 LCD Screen Instructor Station
  • Touchscreen controlled system failures.

Plane simulators hold a major advantage over actual aircraft flight time as the simulator can be put on hold should the student experience any problems or want to clarify something. Adjustments can then be made or additional information can be provided.

Aircraft cannot be halted in mid-air, therefore, and we are sure you’ll agree, flight experience simulators are safer for everyone involved!

Flight simulators have these additional benefits:

  • The flight simulator experience allows students to exercise and master specific flight conditions without leaving the ground. Students can practice until they are perfect, mastering technique, decision-making, and various stress factors during flights.
  • Plane simulator training can be more affordable than live flight time, saving costs for fuel, wear-and-tear and aircraft rental.
  • Provides pilots with the hours and expertise they need, for example, 5 hours towards the initial PPL and Night rating, 30 hours toward the ATPL or 10 hours’ instrument time.

If you are 15 years or older and love playing flight simulator games or just love aviation, come and experience the real deal. This flight simulator experience will have you flying high.

There are various packages available or you can book a plane experience with the simulator at Wonderboom Airport.

Your pilot’s license starts with Blue Chip Flight School and we can’t wait to meet you.

“To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.” Anonymous