For 22 years Blue Chip Flight School has been issuing South Africa’s private and commercial pilot students with their well-deserved and hard earned wings. Through internationally accredited training programmes the Blue Chip flight training institute has chartered the skies with some of the country’s finest pilots and captains leaving a mark for aspiring pilot students to come.

There is a taste of freedom that marks the age of 22.

Accountability and reliability come to mind which is why the trust you place in the hands of the men and women inside every flight’s cockpit, can be entrusted to us in ensuring that our Blue Chip flight student’s achievements are of the highest accreditation.

Training to become a pilot in SA opens many exciting doors, creating lifelong opportunities for individuals thinking about becoming a pilot. With clear-cut training co-ordinates that map each step in the process to achieving a pilot’s licence, these include;

Step 1. A Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) for students that wish to fly for recreational purposes only

Step 2. A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) for individuals looking to become professional pilots

Step 3. Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) for private and commercial pilots aspiring to command large multi-crew aircrafts

The day in the life of a South African pilot student at Blue Chip Flight School is an experience unparalleled by any other at one of the country’s leading aviation training facilities. Based in the main terminal building at Wonderboom Airport, Blue Chip students enjoy a safe, modernised airport and infrastructure. Equipped with instrument navigational beacons, long intersecting runways with clear under or overshoot areas and two dedicated general flying areas with exposure to other air traffic.

Courses in Pilot Training include;

  • Theoretical & practical training to achieve your Private Pilot’s License. This includes 45 hours of flying; write 8 theoretical exams, concluded with a practical exam to test theory and the analytical application of flight & navigation skills.
  • To qualify as a commercial pilot you will then need to complete 200 hours of flying, write 8 theoretical exams an Instruments Flight Rating (IFR) or Visual Flight Rating (VFR) rating and a practical skills test in advanced flying with a Civil Aviation Authority approved designated flight examiner.
  • To become a Certified Flight Instructor following the completion of your Commercial Pilot’s License including an Instruments Flight Rating (IFR) or a Visual Flight Rating (VFR). Once complete you will need to achieve flight instructor training requirements (theory and practical flight instructor examinations), align your instrument rating to the type of aircraft you wish to teach with and log an additional 15 hours experience of being in command of a pilot.

Regardless of whether you are interested in pursuing your dreams of achieving your private pilot’s license or wish to complete your commercial pilots license, over the past 22 years Blue Chip Flight School has earned its wings as one of the leading flight school, training institutes and accredited pilot testing centres in the country.