Our CPL ground school takes off this May, choose safety and CPL training to get the pilots licence that you have always dreamed of, for your career lift-off.

Blue Chip Flight School is where aspiring pilots train and nurture their passion whilst gaining their commercial pilot’s license, to ultimately become skilled and sought-after pilots.

However, passing the theoretical exams for the private pilot’s license and the commercial pilot’s license is the most challenging aspect of flight training. Therefore, a career as a pilot, receiving your commercial pilot license is not something you do as a hobby and the decision shouldn’t be made lightly.

That is why Blue Chip Flight School offers ground school for the private pilot’s license and the commercial pilot’s license. Our lecturers, industry and airline pilots, are some of the best in the business and they are there to guide you through your ground studies.

At the ground school, we don’t just want you to pass your subjects but we want you to acquire true professionalism in the process. The instructors are there to help ease the intense workload and make the information easier to absorb.

To aid you with your studies at the flight school, we offer training rental opportunities after hours, during the week and over weekends. This allows students to complete their required number of hours while keeping in touch with Blue Chip Flight School management and their flight instructors for advice, recommendations or learning opportunities.

Some of the topics that will be covered at the ground school include:

  • Meteorology
  • Radio aids
  • Human performance
  • Air law procedures
  • Instruments
  • Flight planning, and
  • Navigation

But before you get too excited, there are some prerequisites before you can start your pilot training. These include:

  • Age – You can enrol for pilot training from 16 but you need to be 17 to obtain your private pilot’s license and 18 to obtain your commercial pilot’s license.
  • Qualifications – There are no specific subjects you require but it is good to have an understanding of mathematics and science.
  • Medical requirements – You have to be declared medically fit.

If you want your aviation career to take off, enrol today for the commercial pilot’s license ground school starting on 29 May. The ground school will run every day, Monday to Thursday from 5pm for the duration of the course.

To become the best pilot you can be and because Blue Chip Flight School never compromises on safety, we advise you to also attend the safety training taking place on 25 May. Our safety evenings are always practical and useful to any pilot. There will also be a light dinner afterward, so please feel free to hangar around for a while. You can never be too careful as a pilot… aspiring or existing.

Should you have any questions, our instructors are readily available to answer them. Please visit our website for more information on our ground school courses.

Contact us today to start your ground school training, book your seat because our pilots become captains.