You didn’t come this far, only to come this far, so put your dreams of a private pilot licence into action through an open day experience at the widely celebrated Blue Chip Flight School. Whether you aspire to fly for pleasure or for business, a private pilots license will be point of departure.

The complimentary open day presents you with a unique opportunity to learn all about it – from some of those trailblazer pilots who have gone before you.

Unlock your personal power

Life and business guru Anthony Robbins said that your personal power lies in your ability to take action. Take charge of turning your pilot dreams into a reality and book your space at the Blue Chip Flight School now.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • A choice of three info sessions at 10h30, 11h30 and 13h00.
  • All the information you need to pave the way to your pilots licence.
  • First-hand exposure to first-class flying school

For a mere R650, you will also be able to book a 30-minute introduction flight. And for just R100, you will be able to experience the state-of-the-art flight simulator that is used for training purposes. Plus you will have a meet-and-greet with of some of the aviation industry’s pilots.

Private pilots, seize the chance to turn your passion into a profession

Private pilots, who are toying with the idea of becoming a professional pilot, will also benefit hugely from the open day.

  • Is it viable to become a commercial pilot in South Africa?
  • What does it take to make that conversion from a private to a commercial pilot?
  • What kind of careers will you be able to explore as a qualified commercial pilot?

These are the kind of questions you will have answered by those in the know. In addition, you’ll get top flying tips and insider insights of the mechanics and dynamics of the aviation fraternity.

More about Blue Chip Flight School

Here are some of the key reasons why Blue Chip Flight School remains the flying school of choice:

  • Established for more than two decades.
  • A sterling track record for international quality training.
  • Based at the famous Wonderboom Airport – a leading former military aviation training facility.
  • An in-house accredited training and examination centre.
  • Renowned for the fact that its pilots become captains.

Blue Chip Flight School are also pioneers of the Enhanced Pilot Training Concept. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • The student is given the opportunity to join a charter pilot on an actual charter flight.
  • This provides practical exposure to the cockpit environment.
  • The student observes all the processes and approaches.
  • This includes from flight planning and instrument usage – to cross-border flight dynamics.
  • Students also gain an understanding of flying to and from large international airports.

This novel concept facilitates a smoother entry into the commercial aviation industry, upon completion of the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training course.

Ultimately Blue Chip Flight School has proven capability to be the wind beneath your wings for letting your pilot dreams soar.  But as Pablo Picasso said: “action is the foundational key to all success.” Act now and book your seat for the open day.