Dear Child,

Your dreams are valid.

With Love, The Universe.

If you have been toying with the idea of how and where you can fulfil your dream of one day becoming a pilot, then BlueChip Flight School is the perfect flying school in South Africa for you.

The appropriateness, operational validity and solid reputation of a pilots’ training course in South Africa is the first important step to take to make any flight goals a reality in the near future.

All too often, we hear and read stories of families who lose large amounts of money after fraudulently paying “fees” for a child/loved one to pursue a life long dream. Although a large percentage of these morbid stories fall under “academic tertiary education”, South African flight training courses are not exempt. The same type of vigilance and research should be taken when choosing a flying school.

One of the biggest factors in deciding on a flight school is the cost. Pilot training in South Africa isn’t cheap (much like the rest of the world) but it is a worthwhile investment for one’s future when we factor in the extensive career perks and the worldly opportunities and experiences the aviation industry presents.

A second factor to consider when choosing a flight school is reputation. It is important to do your research- look for reviews on the flight schools you’re considering, check for a presence of social media platforms, get word from a past student or employee of the school if possible too.

Making direct contact with the school and asking specific questions about their flight training accreditation and safety record policies is a sure-fire way to gain answers as well.

Another important element to choosing a flight school in South Africa and one that we at BlueChip Flight School hold as one of our values is the environment and messaging of the school. How the website looks, and addresses every element of the pilot training process and how the staff members address your enquiries can also tell a lot about the place.

Do not disregard anything.

Over the years, airline traffic and private travel by aeroplane has continued to grow and new, cost-efficient airlines have also joined the market to get a piece of the pie. All that growth has created a definite need for more trained and certified pilots in the years to come. Being a commercial airline pilot comes with many positive perks, once you have managed to get through the initial hard work and dedication required to ace your South African flight training.

Our annual open day for prospective flight training students and their families is scheduled for 10 February and our team are prepped, ready and eagerly waiting to explain any questions and broadening your understanding and wonderment of all things “flying school and aviation”.

If you are willing to put in the years of dedicated work and the necessary schooling is needed to qualify and obtain either your PPL, Private Pilot License (for recreational flying of small aircrafts) or CPL, Commercial Pilot License (flying commercial planes,) and ATPL, Airline Transport License (flying for Airlines) both qualifications in return for a monthly salary and all-inclusive employee perks, then your hard work will be greatly rewarded with a wonderfully exciting profession.

If the thought of a two-wing airplane, open cockpit, prop aircraft and or Jet engines gives you butterflies, then contact the team and let’s get you ready and certified to sow to new heights.