By creating artificial flying conditions, Blue Chip flight simulators offer in-flight insight, experience and information on how to become a certified flight instructor. When learning to become a flight instructor, an effective means to practice technique is by using flight simulator technology. Offering students the opportunity to master their in-flight skill on safe and predictable training grounds, flight simulator packages create the ultimate opportunity to rehearse various inflight scenarios.

5 Benefits of Flight Simulators:

  1. The best flight simulator experience allows students to exercise and master specific flight conditions without leaving the ground.
  2. Training that takes pace in a simulator is predictable without the interruption of unforeseen delays such a poor weather or mechanical difficulties.
  3. When comparing costs, aircraft simulator training can be more affordable than live flight time, saving costs for fuel, wear and tear and aircraft rental.
  4. Student safety is secured during flight simulations allowing flight instructor learners to train under emergency conditions as well as bad weather and technical / mechanical failure.
  5. Flight simulators allow students in training the opportunity to practice until perfect, mastering technique and decision making and various stress factors during flight.

A career in aviation extends beyond becoming a pilot seeing many certified pilots evolve their careers into becoming some of the finest flight instructors. Whether you wish to join an existing flight school or open your own programme, the best flight instructors qualify as the most experienced pilots.
Artificial flight simulators offer an effective and fool proof solution for students to sharpen their flight skill and gain invaluable experiences to eventually become influential flight instructors.

Aspiring pilots are required to meet theory and practical objectives, including 45 hours flight time and 48 inflight lessons. While a private pilot’s licence practical prerequisite only requires students to complete 5 hours of simulator training, accomplished flight instructors are not only certified but offer their students a wealth of experience gained through various flight simulations.

Steps to become a Certified Flight Instructor

  1. Complete your private pilot’s licence (PPL)
  2. Achieve an Instruments Flight Rule (IFR) and a Visual Flight Rule (VFR) rating
  3. Qualify as a Commercial Pilot
  4. Complete flight instructor training requirements
    • Align your instrument rating to the type of aircraft you wish to teach with
    • Achieve the required experience and pass a theory and practical flight instructors exam
    • Log 15 hours experience of being in command of a pilot

Whether you’re interested in becoming a pilot or in pursuit of a career as a flight instructor, Blue Chip Flight School abides by a strict international training syllabus and is an accredited pilot testing centre.

With information sessions every hour, visit the Blue Chip open day for all the information and insight that future captains need to know, as well as the opportunity to book an introductory flight or get the feel of our brand new state of the art flight simulator.

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