Attending an open day at a top flight aviation school such as Blue Chip Flight School is a great opportunity to learn how to get your pilot license, gain first-hand exposure to the flight training environment and have all your questions answered.

So if you haven’t booked for the open day that is set to take place at Wonderboom Airport on the 15th of October yet, be sure to do so now.

Flight aviation training offered at Blue Chip Flight School

The well-established Blue Chip Flight School is renowned for its industry leading flight instructors who are exceptionally well versed in the theoretical and practical aspects of becoming a both a private and commercial pilot.

Here is a summary of the two training courses.

Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence or PPL will enable you to fly aircraft of up to 5.7 tons for recreational or hobby purposes in daytime and good weather conditions only.

It is also compulsory for anyone who wishes to become a commercial pilot to first complete their PPL. The PPL course includes the following:

  • Theoretical training: subjects include meteorology, navigation, air law, principles of flight, aircraft (technical & general), human performance, flight performance & planning and restricted radio licence. You will have to pass eight written exams that are linked to the South African Civil Aviation Authority with a minimum pass rate of 75%.
  • Practical training: students have to complete at last 25 hours of dual flight training with an instructor. 15 hours of solo flight training, plus 3 hours of solo cross-country navigation flight. Upon completion, you need to pass a formal practical and navigation skills tests.
  • Simulator training: all trainees must complete a minimum of five hours basic IF simulator training.

Commercial Pilot Licence

A commercial pilot licence or CPL will enable you to fly aircraft of more than 5.7 tons for commercial purposes, while carrying passengers or cargo.

To enrol for a CPL, you will have to be 18 years or older, plus you have to have a valid PPL with night rating. The CPL training course includes the following:

  • Theoretical training: Subjects include meteorology, flight planning, radio aids, navigation & plotting, instruments. Air law & procedure, human performance & aircraft (technical & general). All exams must be passed in writing.
  • Practical training: Students must complete at least 200 hours of flight time, made up as follows:
    • 100 hours of pilot in command;
      • 10 hours of pilot in command by night and 20 hours of instrument flight time (of which 10 may be in a simulator) –
        • plus 50 hours of cross-country if the student is doing CPL with instrument rating
        • or 20 hours if the student is doing CPL without the instrument rating.
      • Instrument rating: This is important for aspiring commercial pilots who wish to gain multi-engine experience to expand their opportunities for work in the commercial sector.

Information on the open day

The Blue Chip Flight School Open Day is a must-attend for anyone who is serious about a future as a pilot, whether you aspire to becoming a commercial pilot, or whether you just wish to fly for fun.

Entry is complimentary, plus you will have the option to book an introduction flight or experience the highly advanced flight simulator. Call (012) 543 3050 for more information or to book your space.