Looking for your flight school? In life you are either a passenger or a pilot, so let your pilot dreams take off sooner rather than later – by taking advantage of the useful information session and flight simulator experience at Blue Chip Flight School.

A leading accredited flying school in SA, Blue Chip is renowned for outstanding commercial and private pilot license training programmes that ultimately make “captains of pilots.”

Book now to attend the Blue Chip Flight School Open Day

The Blue Chip Flight School Open Day is set to take place on 6 May 2017. It will comprise highly informative introductory workshops on the hour, as well as a unique flight simulator experience. This open day is an absolute must-attend for any aspiring pilot of any age, who wishes to either fly for pleasure, or for business. Space is for the event is limited, so do book your seat in advance to avoid disappointment.

Experience a world class flight simulator

Blue Chip has a highly advanced flight simulator that resembles an airplane cockpit and is purpose-built for the training of aspirant private and commercial pilots. It creates an ideal platform to gain insights into in-flight dynamics and mechanics and practice newly learnt skills in a safe environment, before actually flying. Other key advantages include:

  • There are no variables or unpredictable circumstances.
  • The prescribed minimum training hours can be completed quicker.
  • It is a considerably more cost effective – when compared to actual flight costs

Private licence requirements

Anyone who has pilot dreams will first have to obtain a private pilot license. A private pilot licence will enable you to fly any recreational type of aircraft during daytime hours. To apply, you will have to be declared medically fit by an authorised aviation medical examiner. Even though one can fly solo from the age of 16, you will have to be 17 or older to get a licence.

Private pilot training

Blue Chip created a new benchmark with its comprehensive South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) accredited private pilot training programme that strikes that perfect balance between theoretical & practical training. In aviation there is little to no room for error, so the pass mark is an uncompromising minimum of 75%.

Theoretical subjects include the likes of:

  • Air Law, Principles of Flight, Aircraft Technical & General
  • Flight Performance & Planning,
  • Restricted Radio Licence
  • Human Performance.

Practical training involves:

  • A minimum of 25 hours of dual flights with an instructor
  • 15 hours solo
  • 3 hours of solo cross country navigation flights
  • 5 hours of basic IF Simulator training
  • A final practical flight & navigation skills test

Test before you fly

It is clear that enrolling for private pilot training requires a huge amount of effort & dedication. The Blue Chip Open Day & flight simulator experience provides a great opportunity to get first-hand exposure to the aviation world & the reality of being a pilot, before making that big commitment. For more info, call +27 12 543 3050 or email: marketing@bluechip-avia.co.za.