To pursue a career as a pilot or achieving your Private Pilot’s Licence for recreational reasons is not a decision that is made lightly and nor should the selection of a suitable flight academy to realise your aviation goals be.

Choosing a flight school to take you on the journey to becoming an accredited Private Pilot and possibly later on to becoming a certified Commercial Pilot takes careful consideration.

Before beginning your search for a flight academy ask yourself why you want to become a pilot?

Are you interested in aviation for recreational purposes only , do you want to pursue a career as a commercial pilot or are you interested in becoming an accredited flight instructor?

  • A private pilot’s license holder typically intends to fly only as a hobby, transporting non-paying passengers in an aircraft no larger than 5.7 tons and limited to day time flying only?
  • A commercial pilot’s license clears qualified pilots to transport passengers for commercial gain under a legal operator’s certificate

The flight school you select to complete your accreditation will not only be responsible for you safety during training but also the safety of every passenger you become accountable for once you are qualified.

This is why a fair amount of research into which flight academy is best suited to your specific requirements as well as adheres to a strict training syllabus equipped with accredited pilot testing amenities and staffed with the highest calibre, knowledgeable and experienced flight instructors and pilot partners.

To become a flight school instructor, trainers need to have achieved both their private pilot’s licence as well as their commercial pilot’s license. Keeping in mind that the best flight partners are the most experienced pilots and captains, equipped with the highest proficiencies and flight experience.
Be sure your flight instructor has also achieved;

  •  An instruments flight rule (IFR) and a visual flight rule (VFR) rating
  • Their instrument rating is aligned  to the type of aircraft they are reaching with
  • 15 hours logged being in command of a pilot

Celebrating 20 years of excellence in training pilots at the Wonderboom Airport, Blue Chip Flight School offers pilot students full service support and training geared towards your specific aviation objectives.

Contact us to meet the Blue Chip team of experienced flight instructors, get a feel for the flight academy and talk to other students to hear of their experiences.

Benefits of learning to fly at Wonderboom Airport with Blue Chip Flight School

  • Clear skies
  • Safe airport infrastructure
  • Long intersecting runways
  • Clear undershoot and overshoot areas
  • Exposure to other flight  traffic
  • Training culture established with 20 years of experience

Other careful consideration needs to be paid to the airplane that the selected flight school will use to train you with as well as the aviation ground school where theory lessons will take place.

Theory is as important as inflight training, preparing you to manipulate the various controls, perform different manoeuvres, to fly safely and to think your way through various inflight situations and conditions.