The business of learning how to fly an aircraft is becoming serious business in the country. The internet is abuzz with individuals searching for the best aviation schools in South Africa.

Since the beginning of 2018, numerous reports mentioned that Emirates would be in the country in April, recruiting pilots and that caused an increase in the number of queries into the costs of obtaining a pilot licence in South Africa hand the institutions where one could get said training.

Enter Blue Chip Flight School.

Our pilot training academy operates out of Wonderboom Airport (Pretoria, South Africa) and holds over 21 years in expert training and pilot certification – whether for private flying or going all the way with commercial pilot training.

As is the case with any institution of training or education, Blue Chip Flight School has prerequisites and costs involved when joining our flying family. These are the training options we offer, to get any qualifying individual from zero to high-flying Hero.

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Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

At Blue Chip, we don’t have a minimum age to start your flight training, but you must be 16 years old to go solo and 17 to acquire your Private Pilot Licence.

In addition, students must pass a medical soundness exam by an approved aviation medical examiner. These medical requirements are like what one would find for a normal life insurance policy.

The training for the PPL will commence and be completed within the requirements and timeline structured for the student in question. Once you received your PPL, you may only fly during the day with good weather conditions. It is especially important to note that: you CANNOT be paid for flying passengers.

At Blue Chip Flight School, we have our own in-house accredited Training and Examination Centre for PPL exam takers.

More information on the theoretic and practical elements of our PPL training is available.

Commercial or Multi-Engine IF Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

The multi-engine IF commercial license; the one that gets you the wonderful life of a commercial pilot and allows you boundless opportunities to see places; near and far, is more advanced and it includes hour building, Multi-Engine (ME) and Instrument Rating (IFR).

A summary of the requirements for the CPL are:

  • Student must be 18 years or older.
  • Must hold a valid medical certificate (our team can help arrange this)
  • Must hold a valid Private Pilot Licence (PPL).
  • Must hold a Night (flight) Rating.
  • Must pass all Theoretical Examinations
  • Must Complete a Minimum of 200 hours flight time.

More details on the required flight hours and other CPL training information.

Our next Open day is scheduled for Saturday 21 July 2018, from 08h00 to 13h00.

For details about the open day or if you simply want to find out more about our operations as one of the best aviation schools in South Africa, contact our team.

We live by the belief that “Our pilots are our people and our students are individuals with personalised needs”. At base in Wonderboom, Pretoria; we’re more than just another training institution, we’re practically family.