Our modernised fleet of aircraft consists mainly of Cessna 172s.

Our proven recipe is safety, simplicity, economy, durability and reliability. Our excellent safety record reflects why the world’s most mass-produced aircraft after all these years remains the most popular. The Cessna 172’s are not only forgiving and trouble-free, but offer excellent learning platforms.

Students have access to a single-engine four-seat Piper Arrow and an array of other aircraft with retractable gear, variable pitch propellers and fuel injection systems for advance training.

Students can make use of the Baron 55 six-seat twin-engine trainers. The strong high-performance engines offer an added safety margin during advance exercises, e.g. for instrument, commercial and airline pilot’s ratings.

Our cockpit procedural trainer and flight simulator offer optimised learning benefit and added training economy.

What more do you want?

Cessna 172 Skyhawk’s (150 Hp)

  • Ab initio training
  • Hire & Fly
  • Conversion to type training
  • Hour building for Commercial students
  • Minimum utilisation time if taken away for Hire and Fly 3 hours per day

Piper Arrow (200 Hp)

  • Conversion to type
  • Advanced training
  • Fully IF equipped

Baron Be 55

  • Advanced training
  • Conversion to type
  • Initial Multi Engine rating
  • Fully IF equipped