As Blue Chip Flight School celebrates its 20th year in pilot training, we invite you to become a pilot in training to get your pilots licence.

By knowing the steps that pilots training in SA need to take when applying to a flight college in SA you are assured that you will be well on your way to clocking up those hours to eventually experience “going solo”

With our experience and practical pointers for aspiring pilots, choosing your flight college in SA has never been easier. Flight aviation training can feel daunting, however the thrill of following your dream and taking to the skies is not unachievable.

Pilots training in SA who are looking to achieve their PPL will learn about their airport circuit, mastering flight patterns to ensure safety in the air.

Safety is a key aspect to consider when you are a pilot in training. Emergency landings as well as various tactics need to be mastered while learning to fly. This includes mastering both crosswind flying and flying in poor weather conditions.

With the aim of flying solo, while training at your flight college in SA, using apps will assist you in harnessing the skillset you will need to get your pilots license.

You can use Aviation Flight Time Calculators, Pilot Logbooks and more to not only track your progress but also help you with timing and weather condition indicators. Ensuring that when you are completing your flight aviation training, you are always prepared for every eventuality.

With Air traffic as a whole, worldwide, and set to double by 2030 and the current skills shortage in the industry joining a flight college in SA to get your pilots license makes complete sense to master compliant aviation navigation and manoeuvres.

20 year experience cannot be ignored and having a dedicated team of flight instructors gives you peace of mind. With 30 000 hours in the air, your flight aviation training is handled with the utmost dedication from enthusiastic instructors and examiners.

As a pilot in training you can aspire to take after our chief flight instructor, Brendon Lubbe, with 3 000+ flight hours who stated that he would not have been in aviation if it had not been the “The Day I tested for my Commercial Pilots License”.

So if you are ready to get your pilots license and take advantage of the opportunity in the flight industry for your dream job where you are set for life. Clock in your 48 inflight lessons and 45 hours flight time.

Write your exam, do your 15 hours of solo flying and take your career to new heights. The possibilities are endless. Looking at your requirements as well as the internationally accredited training syllabus, make sure that your flight college in SA has both the experience as well as that they are an accredited pilot testing centre.

Should you have any questions on taking the first step towards your pilots training in SA, please feel free to drop us a line and we will use our experience to help you on the way to “going solo”.