Dreaming of getting your pilot licence? We share some insightful pointers to help you launch your journey. Asking is it viable to become a pilot as well as do you have what it takes?

Is it viable to become a pilot in the South African economy?

The future winks promisingly for any person aspiring to become a pilot in South Africa. Here are some of the recently released statistics around the aviation industry, both in the country – and internationally:

  • More people are flying: based on historical data, there will be a 31% increase in passenger flights by 2017;
  • Air traffic is on the rise: air traffic in general is poised to double worldwide by 2030 and airlines will have to increase their number of aircraft from the current number of approximately 17,000 – to at least 25,000; and
  • The world needs more pilots: it is estimated that we will need at least another 533,000 new commercial airline pilots internationally – to support this growth in aviation over the next 2 decades.

What does it take to become a pilot in SA?
The first step in becoming a commercial pilot – is to obtain your private pilot’s licence or PPL. A PPL will enable you to pilot aircraft of up to 5-7 tons for leisure purposes – with non-paying passengers.

To apply for any flight aviation training, you:

  • Have to be 17 years or older;
  • Must be able to speak, read and write in English; and
  • Pass a compulsory medical examination.

As soon as you are accepted, you will have to complete both theoretical & practical training. The practical training includes a minimum of 48 in-flight lessons and 45 hours of flying. This needs to be concluded with a practical exam in the form of a flight & a navigation skills test. The theoretical training consists of eight subjects, with a minimum pass rate of 75% for the exams.

Next stop. Commercial pilot or flight instructor

As soon as you have successfully completed your solo and celebrated the fact that you have attained your PPL, a world of opportunity awaits.

You can go on to achieve your Instruments Flight Rule (IFR) or Visual Flight Rule (VFR) rating to qualify as a commercial pilot. Then there is also the option to become a certified flight instructor for the aircraft of your choice, after obtaining your CPL. The sky is really the limit.

Top flight schools in South Africa.

Becoming a pilot is no doubt a life altering choice and it is key to choose the right flight school for it. Blue Chip Aviation is a solid choice as the company holds a strong position as a South African market leader in flight aviation training. These are just some of the reasons why:

  • Established almost 20 years ago;
  • Trainers & instructors who hold top honours in their fields;
  • State-of-the-art equipment such as the FNPT II flight simulator;
  • An uncompromising approach to industry and regulatory standards; and
  • Renowned for the fact that our pilots become captains.

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Just do it.

Ultimately there is nothing quite like experiencing that initial flight and celebrating your first solo. Just do it. Contact Blue Chip Aviation now for more information.