To hone skills and enhance later employment opportunities many pilots elect to undergo Instructor’s Ratings.

The professional challenges of being an instructor will undoubtedly make a candidate more employable either on a part-time or full-time basis. Instructors have the edge.

The rating also offers more career opportunities and dividends, e.g. later as training captain in an airline.

Obtaining an instructor’s rating is invariably money well invested. The initial rating is a Grade III instructor and after at least 50 hours’ instruction the test may be undertaken with a CAA approved designated examiner.

Instructor’s rating requirements

  • Valid Commercial Pilot’s Licence
  • Minimum 31 hours of ground lectures
  • Minimum 20 hours air exercises or ‘patter’
  • Once you have completed this phase you will complete the theoretical CAA exam in three subjects
  • Practical skills test in both lecturing and air exercises with an approved CAA designated examiner