After the completion of your Private Pilot Licence the next step in your pilot training is to obtain a Night Rating.

What is Night Rating?

The Night Rating allows the pilot to fly safely at night in good visual weather conditions and have the benefit of being less restricted when planning and executing a particular flight.

For aviation purpose night is defined as 15 minutes after sunset and 15 minutes before sunrise.

Night rating requirements

  • Valid Private Pilot Licence
  • 10 hours of Instrument Instruction of which not more than
  • 5 hours are allowed to be accumulated on a flight simulator
  • 5 Take offs and landings by night
  • A night navigation flight shall be at least 100 nm within
  • A night navigation flight shall be at least 100 nm within
  • 50 nm radius, including landings at respectively an
  • uncontrolled aerodrome and a controlled airport

What is the minimum age to do the night rating?

You need to hold a valid PPL, which means to do a night rating you must be at least 17 years old.

Want to find out more information about our Night Rating?

Obtaining your night rating can be very beneficial to increasing both your flying skill and your versatility as a pilot. A basic night rating flight test will be conducted by at least a Grade II Flight Instructor or higher. Contact Blue Chip today to find out how we can help you achieve your night rating.