Are you an aspiring pilot? You can’t soar like an eagle without the right guidance. Join our open day & gather all the information you need.

Blue Chip Flight School invites all aspiring pilots looking for guidance and aviation advice on how best to go about their aviation studies, to our next aviation open day. Join our open day & gather all the information you need about the aviation industry to have your budding career in aeronautics soar like an eagle.

So are you about three quarters of the way to deciding to begin your studies to qualify as a pilot but need that last nudge to push you in the right direction? Spend the day in the life of a Blue Chip Flight School pilot student at our next exciting open day and see what it’s like to eat-sleep-aviation-repeat.

Studying to become a pilot is one of the most thrilling and rewarding career choices students can make. What better way to share this life altering decision amongst likeminded individuals each in pursuit of similar goals, a shared passion in aviation and the farthest reaching horizon just at their fingertips. The Blue Chip Flight School open day offers budding students the opportunity to discover the world of aeronautics, private and commercial pilot qualifications and what it’s like to live this dream.

Find more information about course material and study modules, rub shoulders with qualified pilots and mentors. Speak to lecturers, flight instructors and industry leaders in aviation or try your hand at the controls in our flight simulator.

Learning how to fly is one of life’s greatest journeys that only a select few get the opportunity to experience. If this is something that you want to find out more about, join one of the introductory workshops hosted every hour, see more from our past open day events online and learn more about:

  • Theoretical and practical assignments in completing your Private Pilot’s License (PPL)
  • What is an integrated training approach?
  • The option to book an introductory flight or a session in a state of the art flight simulator.
  • Furthering your studies with a Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
  • Practical skills testing and other CPL prerequisites
  • Ground school
  • Hour-building and required flight hours
  • More about the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

What you need to know about Blue Chip Flight School

  • With an internationally accredited training and examination programme, Blue Chip Flight School has been training South African pilots and captains for the past 21 years.
  • Blue Chip Flight School’s curriculum follows an integrated training approach, combining theory, practical and simulator application into a holistic approach.
  • The Blue Chip Flight School open day is free to the public and open to anyone of any age, interested in studying their PPL or CPL.
  • Our flight school (and open day) is located at the Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria.
  • Students are exposed to the cockpit environment for practical instructions during in flight training.
  • Accredited examinations are completed online using a computer-based Examination Management System linked with the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Save the date and get in touch with Blue Chip Flight School for more information about our upcoming open day to find out everything you need to know for take-off in the aviation industry.