So, you’ve met all the requirements, paid your fees, and you’re ready to embark on the adventure of becoming a certified pilot. After all, it’s the foundation of the commercial pilot’s license that will have you flying for the big airlines and earning the big bucks.

You’re in the pound seats now to be sure, but there’s also still a lot to learn. So, to help you on your journey, here are a few important ideas to keep in mind while you’re undergoing your training for pilot.

Besides the pre-requisites and personality traits, learn more about the career ahead of you.

Flight aviation training

You’ve surely seen those YouTube videos of pilots angling their planes as they descend toward the runway in heavy crosswinds, only to correct at the last second as the rear wheels touch down. The ability to do that is called crosswind flying, and it’s a skill you will need to develop during your flight aviation training, so pay close attention during any lessons that deal with it.

  • Safety in the air is something that should never be far from your mind. Part of staying safe is having intimate knowledge of the airport circuit and learning how air traffic control coordinates the different flight paths and patterns of the various aircrafts that are in the sky at any given time. A great way to give yourself a foundational understanding of air traffic control is to visit an air traffic control facility.
  • Learn your instruments. Trust them. Being able to fly your aircraft using only the readouts from your instruments is another skill you should pay a lot of attention to acquiring, as you’re not always going to have perfect visibility while you fly. The skill of flying at high altitudes, in the dark, or under poor weather conditions using only your instrumentation could someday save your life and the lives of everyone aboard your aircraft.
  • While in-flight safety is important, it’s also vital to keep it in mind when taking off and landing. You’ll need to learn all about the manoeuvres needed to take off and land under various runway conditions. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will cover you in every situation. Learn to read the lay of the land, so to speak, and adapt to whatever comes your way.

Don’t worry too much if something you learn in flying school is giving you a hard time, with dedication and practice, you will overcome any challenge – just like the pilots before you did.

Perhaps most importantly, be confident, but not too confident, while you train. Being a pilot requires a healthy mix of confidence and humility, and mastering them both without straying into overconfidence or self-doubt will keep you and your passengers alive.

Last but certainly not least, listen closely to your instructors. They have a lot of knowledge to convey, earned through extensive flight experience, and thus know what they are doing, but more than that, they want to see you succeed, and that success is up to you and them.

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