If you believe that you’re meant to soar, then take flight by getting your wings at Blue Chip Aviation – a leading flight school academy based at Wonderboom Airport, in the north of Pretoria.

As we celebrate 20 years at the airport, we invite you to join us at our Open Day on 23 July – for a first-hand experience of this top aviation training facility.

From a modest civilian airstrip to a foremost military aviation training facility
Built on a farmstead in 1937, Wonderboom Airport was originally a civilian airstrip for light aircraft. By World War II, it was one of the primary training facilities for pilots of the Royal Force and the South African Air Force.

We pause to salute the facility and reflect on some of the key milestones in its proud heritage:

  • Established as the main base of one of SA’s chief parachute clubs in the 80s
  • Received its first Boeing 737 by 1982
  • Completed an extension of its runway to 1 828 metres in 1993
  • Commenced with an upgrade of R165 million+ to accommodate passenger flights in 2007
  • Announced its first passenger flights to Durban, Polokwane & Cape Town in 2009
  • An alternative airport for international VIP guests during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Today, Wonderboom Airport remains one of the most preferred aviation training facilities in the country, plus it provides for sky-divers and chartered and mail delivery aircraft.

Those pilot dreams are still within your reach

Did all this flight talk reawaken your dreams of becoming a private or commercial pilot? Well, then we’d like to remind you that your wings actually already exist.

All you have to do is fly – or at least learn to. Just be sure to make an informed choice before you decide on the most suitable flight aviation school – to help you do so.

This is why it is so critical to attend an event such as the Blue Chip Flight School Open Day. Here’s what you stand to gain from it:

  • First-hand info on top pilot training courses & licensing requirements
  • Invaluable guidance on aviation career options & opportunities
  • Deep industry insights from seasoned members of the aviation fraternity
  • An intro flight of 30 minutes for an unparalleled R650
  • A state-of-the-art flight simulator experience for just R100 for 10 minutes
  • Experts tips for private flying.

There will be three sessions at 10h30, 11h30 & 13h30. You will have a rare opportunity to tap the brains of some of the most respected instructors & take a closer look at the facility. Space is limited though, so do contact Blue Chip Aviation ASAP to reserve yours in advance.

Leonardo da Vinci said that once you’ve tasted flight, you’ll forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you’ve been and there you’ll always long to return. So why just long for it – if you could fly as often as you wish to?

Wonderboom airport has been the home of Blue Chip Flight School for the last 20 yrs. Choose excellence when getting your wings at our flight aviation school.